BassCanon Memory Foam Tips for AirPods Pro

$24.95 USD

Color: Deep Teal


The BassCanon Memory Foam Tips are specially designed for AirPods Pro, providing better fit than the original silicon tips. While bringing your ears ultra comfort, the memory foam tips offer superior noise cancellation and sound quality.

The unique qualities of memory foam
Memory foam, also known as slow rebound sponge, is a polyurethane foam with slow rebound characteristics. It can conform easily to different shapes when pressed and regain its normal shape within a few minutes when pressure is no longer applied.

Foam Tips ONLY. This product DOES NOT include wireless earbuds or AirPods Pro.

Tech Specs

Viscoelastic memory foam

AirPods Pro

A package with either S,M or L contains two of each pair
A package with all sizes contains one of each each pair

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Fit for all-day wearing

We use soft, high quality memory foam to bring you more comfort than the original silicone tips. You can now enjoy your AirPods Pro for longer.


Get the best out of your AirPods Pro

The memory foam tips can automatically expand to fit your ear canal, creating finer noise-cancelation and audio quality, and keeping your AirPods Pro secure.


More options, better fit

Similar to the original AirPods Pro silicon tips, we carry three sizes of memory foam tips - Small, Medium or Large, which are perfectly sized to fit into the AirPods Pro charging case. In addition, we offer three different colors - Indigo Blue, Ivory or Charcoal Black, find the one you like!