SliceCharge 3 Hub Edition 4in1 Wireless Charging Mat

$79.95 USD
Color: Space Grey / Grey


The SliceCharge 3 Hub Edition is a compact and powerful, 4-in-1 wireless charging station for iPhone, AirPods Pro, AirPods with wireless charging case, iPad, and MacBook Air. Having one USB-C PD port, one USB-A port, and a 5-coil matrix that can power two devices wirelessly at once, the SliceCharge 3 Hub Edition enables charging for up to 4 devices simultaneously. The optional Stand Kit helps declutter your desktop and allows you to unlock your iPhone with Face ID at any time.

Tech Specs

Premium fabric covers
Aircraft grade aluminum body
No-slip grip rubber feet

Qi Wireless 1: 10W Max
Qi Wireless 2: 10W Max
Verified & optimized for iPhones 8 or later: 7.5W
USB-C port: 18W Max
USB-A Port: 10W Max

DC 12V/4A

iPhone 8 or later
Samsung Galaxy S7 or later
and other Qi-compatible devices

Dimensions & Weight
170 x 85 x 15.5 mm
6.69 x 3.3 x 0.61 in
203 g / 7.16 oz

Included in the box
1 x SliceCharge 3 Hub Edition
1 x Apple Watch charging cable Mount
1 x Samsung Galaxy Watch charging cable Mount
1 x 48W AC Power Adapter with 6.5ft / 2m cable
4 x Plug Adapter (US/JP/CN, UK, EU, AUS)

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Wireless, Effortless, and Boundless

The SliceCharge 3 series is designed to replace most of the chargers and charging cables on your desktop. We hope to simplify your daily charging experience, save your workspace, and leave you with more time to enjoy your life.


Fits your Apple or Samsung Watch

The newly upgraded SliceCharge 3 Hub Edition has added two mounts - Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch Mount to make your desktop tidier while maintaining its powerful functions.


Power 4 devices at the same time

In addition to supporting wireless charging for iPhone, AirPods at once, the SliceCharge 3 Hub Edition is also equipped with an 18W USB-C port and a 10W USB-A port to power your iPad, MacBook Air, mobile power bank, and other portable devices.


Free position, immediate charging

The SliceCharge 3 Hub Edition inherits the popular 5-coil design from the previous generation, providing a much larger charging area than other options on the market and offering easier charging experience.


Choose your own charging position

We use a magnetic attraction design to connect the charging pad and the stand. This design allows the SliceCharge 3 to switch between flat and nightstand modes at will. It also allows the AirPods stand to be easily installed and removed. We also provide hidden cable buckles to help you organize the cables.


Smarten up your desktop

The SliceCharge 3 series uses fabrics, leather, aluminum alloy, and zinc alloy of high quality. The unique combination of luxurious materials is crafted to provide simplistic design, comfortable touch, and effective heat dissipation.


Wholehearted package design

With Apple fans in mind, we have developed custom packaging that enhances the experience of unboxing one of these treasures. The Package also includes a 6.5ft/2m power adapter with US/JP/CN, EU, UK, AUS plug converters to satisfy the needs of users worldwide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Love this metal wireless charger!

I absolutely love this charger!!! It can charge multiple devices in many positions do you can just throw your phone on it and forget about it. It has a solid feel and a long cord so you can put it anywhere and the weight will keep it there. It also come with international plugs! All in all I love this charger and I would recommend it to everyone!!!

elegant wireless charging solution

I really love this wireless charger. It looks great and is not bulky on my desk. I've tossed my phone and airpod pro case on it in various positions and each time it charges without issue. Here's a quick run down of the pros and cons:

- Thin and not bulky
- fabric top wont scratch phones and cases
- fast charging
- 5 coils allow for charging in almost any placement
- USB A and C out put jacks
- Includes power adapter with multiple travel outlet adapters
- able to charge multiple devices at same time

- power adapter is bulky and plugs in via DC adapter

The only issue I see with this charger is the DC adapter that is provided is a bit bulky. Appreciate that they include it along with multiple international outlet adapters. This isn't a problem for me as it's going to sit on my home work desk but if you do want to travel with it the DC is just another bulky thing to pack.

Either way I love this charger as it's exactly what I was looking for.

excellent duo qi charger with good build quality. works for airpods

i've been searching for a qi charger that works for airpods pro. this charger works perfectly in addition to my iphone x. the fabric top is good quality. extra ports on the back is a bonus

Jordan M
Very premium feeling, could be more consistent

This wireless charging pad comes extremely well-packaged, providing an excellent unboxing experience which is much better than I was expecting. The pad, cable and accessories all feel very premium and it includes a ton of adapters, so it can be used in just about any country, which I don’t think is too useful for many people but it’s still very nice to see.

Actually using the pad is very simple, you just plug it in and it’s ready to begin charging your devices. It also has a USB C port and a regular USB port on the back, so you can charge non-wireless charging devices through this. I was able to charge both my iPhone 11 Pro Max and AirPods simultaneously using this, though it was not as ‘set and forget’ as I would have liked. I did sometimes need to reposition or rotate the phone to begin charging, as sometimes I would set it on the pad and nothing would happen, which is a bit annoying. The majority of the time it does work as intended though, where I can set my devices on it and they both begin charging. It charges quite a bit quicker than other wireless charging pads I have used, but is definitely still slower than actually plugging your phone in using a cable.

Overall it’s a very premium-feeling wireless charger though I do wish it was a bit more consistent in its charging. I would be a bit worried that my phone could get slightly bumped and it would stop charging, despite the pad being very large. It’s still a nice product but I’m not sure how much I trust it to consistently charge, so I use it more as a secondary charger in my office when I’m nearby to make sure it’s charging.

Charges many things fast

This is a nice quality charger. The top materials are fabric, ensuring my expensive phones and AirPods don't get damaged while using it. There are other quality build materials such as aluminum around the housing, which leads me to feel this charger will last a long time. I'm okay paying more for a charger as long as the quality is there and longevity is likely, and this definitely suits those requirements. I'm able to charge my iPhones at 7.5w and my Galaxy phone at 10w. I also like that additional ports to charge things via traditional USB-A and USB-C. These combinations ensure this charger can handle most electronic gadgets I have. Each port has worked well and charged quickly. I consider this a neat charging hub due to the various ports, and it keeps my desk cleaner as there is only one power cable to the AC outlet.

You should know that there is nothing to setup other than the included AC charger. It comes with international attachments, so you have to pick the one appropriate for you and connect it together. Other than that, its ready to use out of the box. There is no carrying case for this, so if you travel and need multiple outlet connectors, be sure to find yourself a carrying pouch. This charger operates silently, and I have not felt any over heating symptoms or funny smells. Its working well and looks and feels great. I recommend this for others considering an upper scale wireless qi charger solution.