BassCanon Passive Noise Canceling Cover for AirPods & EarPods

$12.95 USD

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Color: Black

Passive Noise Reduction: Our passive noise reduction design allows you to enjoy music and protect your hearing even in noisy environments.

Bass compensation:
BassCanon guides sound through your ear canal, enhancing acoustic clarity and bass compensation.

Safety Equipment: BassCanon puts AirPods and EarPods in your ears during strenuous exercise (such as cycling and jogging).

Non-toxic silicone material: BassCanon is won by the non-toxic silicone used in foods to 'do any damage to your body.

Multi-color options: BassCanon is available in white, orange and black. Feel free to choose the color you like.

Inside the Magic Box: Includes three sizes of BassCanon to ensure the most comfortable listening experience.