A Simple Vision.

Business people just simply wrap the circuit boards with white plastic, stick the logo and sell their products without any design.

Although we always purchase a product for its function, Hard Cider Labs believes that a good product should integrate smart thinking and exquisite design, perfectly fitting in your daily life as well as your working environment.

That’s why we started Hard Cider Labs.

Living Life Wirelessly.

We believe in the wireless future, and wireless charging technology is an important part of our future world.

We think wireless charging technology should be presented in a more elegant and natural way.

Hard Cider Labs wants to bring such technology within reach by producing different products, hoping that everyone won’t be bothered by charging anymore.

We are Hard Cider Labs.

Hard Cider is a kind of wine made from apples.

Hard Cider Labs Team is a group of designers and engineers who are Apple’s big fans. We sincerely hope that we can carry on the persistence and passion of Steve Jobs, so as to design more outstanding works that can change the way we live.

If you’re careful enough, you may find out that our logo is composed of the Apple logo and the shape of a laboratory ware. 


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